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S.A.S Technology


SAS is an unmanned systems manufacturer of various fixed wing (FW) and multirotor (MR) unmanned platforms Main company focus at the present time is the heavy load MR platforms (UAVs). Our company also manufactures a series of ground support equipment necessary for the operation of its unmanned systems. 
SAS offers highest possible flexibility for a broad range of missions and applications.

Our UAV systems (UAS) are characterized by:

  • PERFORMANCE: Unique combination of payload capacity, flight time, power reserve and stability.
  • REDUNDANCY: Enhanced fail-safety through at least two electronic  power systems to the  flight controller, fail safe operation for loss of  up to one motor(for the hexacopter) . Fail safe operation in cases of loss of communication or unnoticed battery draining below safe limits.
  • OPEN ARCHITECTURE: Ability to mount any sensor or payload and integrate their operation to the flight controller automated functions.
  • CUSTOMIZATIONS: Our systems can be tailored to specific needs or missions. We offer direct access to our development team. We serve as extended work-bench for industrial partners who share our vision and passion.

We take pride in monitoring and applying to our products the best industry standards for applications intended for professional use, with our unique combination of enhanced flight time and payload capacity. This enables our customers to use heavier commercially available or proprietary sensors, i.e. UAV Laser Scanner / LiDAR, professional film cameras, and multi sensor suits while maintaining meaningful flight times. We provide end-to-end TURNKEY SOLUTIONS and are one of only a few manufacturers who can undertake special design projects for customers that have specific/strict requirements that cannot be fully met with the ready-made products available in the market.

Tested under exceptional conditions.

Our UAVs are designed to support the pilot in executing his manual and automated missions. Exceptional conditions are anticipated and our systems have been tested and became operationelly mature in such conditions. With our roots in aeronautical and aerodynamic design, flight stability and smooth remote control operation is the key. With our manufacturing site being located in Greece with its very distinct seasons (form heavy winters to hot summers), the diverse landscape, with high cold and snowy mountains and windy islands with corrosive sea environment, we take extra care so our systems can perform and withstand the full variety of environmental conditions.

Our systems can be customized to cover a large variety of missions such as:

  • Surveillance.
  • Measuring / mapping, mining and archaeology
  • Inspection and documentation of real estate,
  • Inspection of critical infrastructure and construction sites.
  • Search  and rescue (SAR).
  • Agriculture and forestry.
  • Photography, film and movies.
  • Industrial applications.
  • Scientific research & development.
  • Aerial deliveries
  • Special operations.